My experience at Linum+

I graduated from the Faculty of Law in my home town Tirana. I have been in Salzburg for two years now for the master programme in European Union Studies.

I was introduced to Linum and to Mr. Szomolányi by a very good friend of mine. She was telling me about all the good projects and workshops she has participated under Linum’s initiative. European University of Tirana where she works for and Linum have had very successful cooperation so far. Being aware that me as a student of the Salzburg University, not yet graduated was on time to apply for a traineeship there and combine Erasmus + and Linum and make it my experience ‘Linum +’.

I was accepted to be the project assistant and from January till very recently and have been involved with the work of Linum. The next project will come up is “15 years and more for the future”. The project consists in various workshops and dance theatres among the four members of the International Visegrad Fund (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and external participants such as Albania, Serbia and Bulgaria, etc.

In Budapest I had the chance thanks to my mentor Mr. Szomolányi to enjoy the city at its very most. I went up to the Citadella hill, when the city seemed so far way and at the same time so close to me because I could see it all just by walking on the hill. The view was amazing. Budapest by night was as beautiful as by day! It was crowded with hundreds of tourists. I visited the Buda Castle, the Mátyás Church and the Parliament. I was wondering all the time what was every building around. At a moment I realized that this was the beauty of the city, the buildings were beautiful for no specific reason.

During my stay I had the opportunity to see a traditional folks dance. It was interesting to observe the different way people express their happiness and celebrate. Another special place where I went was a so-called ‘ruin pub’. It was the live confirmation that what it really matters is company and not how the place looked like. Having a beer in such a simple place was one of the most ‘fashionable’ things I did in Budapest. Hats off to all the brilliant people that had the idea!

The Nagykovácsi surroundings were beautiful as well. I saw the church and the small yellow chapel. It is to be applauded what the Nagykovácsi community had done to reconstruct this small chapel. All the people of the community contributed financially and non-financially, giving their time and good will to have the small chapel as a place where they could gather in Sundays. We had the chance to get the dogs for walks. Oh I probably did not mention that my mentor and his wife had two nice dogs. I felt at home the whole time and I thank them for their good hospitality.

As my traineeship ended but the project still has not, I would like to come back again and see the hard work Mr. Szomolányi has done come to live and I would be honoured to be a part of it.

Hungary…till very soon!

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