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This е-book focuses on the relations between citizenship and various manifestations of Europeanization, including, but not exclusively, European identity, ethnicity, migrants. Contributors address migrants and minorities in several perspectives leading to the concept of ‘uneven citizenship’ to the debate surrounding the Central European and East European states. Referring to this ‘uneven citizenship’ concept, it not only engages with legal, political and social practices but also looks at other unanticipated or unaccounted for results of citizenship policies.

The contributors address the issues of statuses, rights, and duties of country nationals, refugees, Roma, integration and globalization, balancing “divided borders”, students’ attitudes to EU membership, as well as various interactions between dominant and non-dominant groups within the socio-historical developments which created legally and culturally stratified, transnationally marginalized, groups, often on the margins of citizenship.

This book comes as an aftermath of the workshop Proud to be a European – The Importance of Active Citizenship, which was held on 12-13 Sept.2015 in Nagykovácsi, Hungary, under the project with the same name, designed and coordinated by the Linum Foundation and its leader Mr. Attila Szomolányi.

Anita Dimitrova


Ps. It is not the final version. It will be amended and modified iduring the next weeks.

2015. december 14. 12:00
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