PtbE – The pictures of a workshop

The Proud to be European project was organised by the Linum Foundation, Nagykovácsi, Hungary and took place on 11th and 12th September 2015 in Nagykovacsi, Hungary.

It was funded by the Central European Initiative and attended by countries representing various NGOs and European academic institutions from Central and Eastern Europe: Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina; Bulgaria, Croatia; Czech Republic, Hungary; Germany; Macedonia; Montenegro, Poland; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; UK; Ukraine.

The focus of the project was on ways to increase citizenship participation in Europe with a specific reference to the work involved in engaging young people.

I presented on the topic “Proud to be European – Student opinions of the EU” based on research conducted amongst the third year students of the English and Translation departments in June 2015.

Lukasz Rajchel from the English department was the student representative of Krosno State College and actively participated in discussions.

The outcome of the project will be published in an e-book in the very near future. Further projects were discussed with the various agencies involved.

Dr Christopher Brighton
Krosno State College

2015. október 15. 21:00