Proud to be a European – The HUMAN FACTOR

Since its foundation in 2001 Linum & its partners have successfully completed more than 10 international projects supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Let us mention 2 of the latest ones.

OBSESSED /2010/, OBSESSED En route /2012/ - „Whatever you want to kindle in others, must first be burning passionately within you.” The aim of the project was to prepare a publication about the so-called Obsessed, i.e. the initiators and the leaders of the most successful projects supported by IVF. We wanted to learn and present the forces driving the ‘Obsessed’ in their work. After the introduction of the multi-media publication in Visegrad in 2011 we presented the OBSESSED in the V4 countries.

While we have been working with the above persons we came to realize the importance of their motivation and activity. We were fascinated by their deeds. We have focused our activity on the human factor after the Obsessed project.
“The European Year of Citizens 2013 was dedicated to the rights that come with EU citizenship.” - Instead of the rights

we wanted to discuss the tasks a conscious citizen is supposed to do to improve the democratic environment and the institutions in the country she/he lives. This is why we organized a conference titled “Active Citizenship, Visegrad and Central Europe” in Budapest 2013. It turned to be a success.

“Active citizenship is an essential prerequisite to a good functioning democratic society.” was the main message of our conference.

This is why we should like to carry on with our activities on a wider scale.

Thanks to CEI's support we will be able to organize an international workhop dealing with the above topics.

Location: Nagykovácsi H-2094
Venue:: Öregiskola
Date: September 11-12, 2015

2015. július 18. 18:15