Proud to be a European – The Importance of Active Citizenship

A kind of introduction

We at Linum are convinced that the role of the CITIZEN has been immensely increased in Central Europe after the fall of the iron curtain and that of the communist regimes in 1989.
Keeping in mind CEI’s expectations and our conviction the best contribution we can make to meet CEI’s goals is to organize a 2,5 days workshop dealing with the issues below.

Proposed date: September 11-13, 2015
Location: Nagykovácsi, Hungary

Present – Recent developments

During the early nineties the new social circumstances gave birth to several NGOs in the post-communist countries. Suddenly immense number of citizens wanted to act for different purposes. They wanted to improve their social environment, initiated several projects, etc. They realized that the development of a democratic society needs special actors, i.e.  active citizens.
As the CEI countries had different historical and political backgrounds the form and speed of changes varied from country to country. In spite of the differences there have been several similar experiences. Our cooperation can be build upon this common knowledge.  Thus we can contribute to the development of our societies.

Main issues we want to focus on:
Sharing NGO’s experiences and introducing best practices,
Young citizens’ approach to the EU: What do they know about it? How do they understand it?
How the participation and activism of citizens could be enhanced with use of new technologies?
Minorities and isolated countries (Romanis, Romanian Hungarians, Ukrainians, Bosnians, etc.)
Increasing public attention to the CEI & Visegrad cooperation,
Motivating citizens to act and to cooperate for better understanding,
Spreading both the Visegrad and the Central European idea,
How to contribute to positive developments in our countries?

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