Why do I do it? / AVC

I have asked myself this question several times in the last twenty years. I have lived in Nagykovácsi since 1989. I decided then that I would take active part in the community’s life.

I returned from Germany, where I had worked for more than ten years. What I experienced there influenced me very much. I realized how much a conscious tax payer can do. They can initiate or start anything. They can do for the COMMON GOOD. Anonymous heroes come to my mind, who started different programs, which helped around them and others that affected wider areas.

I would like to mention a few, world-wide known people who influenced me. I know that listing them in connection with my own destiny may seem to be somewhat immodest, but everybody knows them: Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, George Harrison (Concert for Bangladesh), Bob Geldof (Live Aid concert for Africa).

Why do we have to do something? A community, i.e. a family, a group of friends, or a little community does not work well or badly on its own. It is formed by its members. Many people just lean back and give „good advice” to others. But now I do not want to deal with them.

I would like to take a bow to those “anonymous” heroes, the fanatics, who always look for something to do. Without them our world would be grey and dull.

At the beginning I was „only” interested in Nagykovácsi. But the horizon widened. Our “Linum Junior” program was the first that was supported by Nemzetközi Visegrádi Alap (IVF - International Visegrad Fund) in 2004. Many successful tenders followed: we got support for music schools, ballet schools, ballet groups, meetings of environmental organizations. The interview series: the OBSESSED, which was made by the university students of four different countries, we wanted to commemorate those who did more for their communities than the average. Who never give up. Sometimes they do not even get a word of thanks, but they do their jobs thanks to their inner motivation.

What else would we deal with this year – the Year of the European Citizen, Central European Year in Hungary – than them? That’s why we handed in a tender to the IVF to organise a conference about the active citizens.

People took part in our conference from eight different countries, and introduce themselves at the “Jótékonyságsziget” (Charity Island) because goodness is limitless.

Thanks to the active citizens.

Attila Szomolány