AVC = Active Citizenship - Visegrad and Central Europe

WF25YL = Welcome Freedom – 25 Years Later

PtbE = Proud to be a European – The Importance of Active Citizenship


Some words about FREEDOM / WF25YL

by Dr. Péter Solymosi, Mr. Attila Szomolányi and their quests:

Mr. László Nagy, Secretary of the Pan-European Picnic'89 Foundation

Mr. Péter Szalay, honoured by the Balázs Béla award. We will show his film titled „Borderline case”.

In the frame of the „My podium” series  at 7:15 pm 8th September 2014 Nagykovácsi / HU

The event is part of the project „Welcome Freedom – 25 Years later”

Supported by: IVF and the local government of Nagykovácsi / HU

A new established consortium / AVC

 As one of the goals of the Center for EU Enlargement Studies (CENS) is to promote dialogue between EU member states and partners in Eastern and Southern Europe, our participation in the “Active Citizenship, Visegrad and Central Europe” project was a great opportunity to meet representatives from these countries outside the EU. This meeting was also an excellent platform to share our insights about the situation of the civil society with the neighboring regions, but also to deepen our knowledge about the situation in the participants’ countries.

72 hours in Budapest - Perspectives shared by Ketrina Çabiri / AVC

Perspectives shared by Ketrina Çabiri – Project Manager in UET Centre

Participating in national and international projects is an everyday job for Project Managers. However some projects may be particularly distinguished from others, in terms of information and knowledge you and your organization gain/share, inter/national people you meet and new cultural approach you get to know, as well as new possibilities of cooperation and participation you are offered.

OBSESSED – En route and the Homo Visegradicus

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Jana Tomková for supporting and accommodating this event and also Mr. Attila Szomolányi and his team for realising this great project.

Today, 15 February, is a red marked day in the calendar of all Central Europeans, since it was exactly 21 years ago when the Visegrad Group was founded. Despite of the rather plastic political situation that time, the initial goals were clear: the cooperation was mainly inspired by the view of a fast catching-up and integration to the West and the Euro-Atlantic structures.

Projektek, interjúk felsorolása - List of interviews, recordings

Czech Republic – Csehország

  • Eurotrialog Mikulov – 2009, A.M.P. / Alternative Music Production
    Mr. Jaromír Hanzlík / E-mail: agentura [at] /
  • Green and Livable Visegrad Cities / Iniciativa Auto*Mat, o.s.
    Ms Tereza Vohryzková / E-mail: tereza.vohryzkova [at]

Akik készítették – Those who made this project possible

Czech Republic – Csehország

Brněnská sociologická společnost - Brno

Mr Pavel Šíma - interviews, project leader - Journalism, Political Science, Economics

Ms Natália Saganová - interviews - Journalism, Gender Studies

Ms Michal Cagala - camera, cutting - Journalism, Security & Strategic Studies

Ms Micha Šiffner - sound - European Studies, Security & Strategic Studies

Ms Miroslav Vlček - sound, cutting - Journalism, Political Science