Partners in the AVC project - Partnereink az AVC projektben


UET Centre


Info Eco Club

  • Ms. Aneta Dimitrova University lecturer and International trainer
  • “When there’s will, there’s a way”,

Czech Republic



Antall József Tudásközpont

  • Ms. Horváth Mónika is international relations manager at the Antall József Knowledge Centre-

CEU Center for EU Enlargement Studies

  • Ms Hana Semanic joined CENS in November 2010 concentrating on SEE-EU relations with a special focus on the Western Balkans.
  • Ms. Végh Zsuzsanna holds an M.A. degree in international studies. and an M.A. degree in international studies.


„She never gives it up.”

Civil Radio


Linum team

  • Mr. Bánhegyi Andor Vice head Linum Foundation
  • Ms. Czope Nóra just finished her fourth year at the Corvinus University of Budapest studying International Relations.
  • Ms. Hossó Fruzsina Stella is a second year Ph.D. student at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Her main thema is the Viegrad Cooperation.
  • Ms. Karsai Veronika is a student, currently studying for an MA degree in interpreting.
  • Mr. Kántor István producer
  • Mr. Kovács Tamás after long months of struggling with his thesis he finished his Bachelor studies this year and goes on a Masters course.
  • Ms.Pethő Réka camerawoman
  • Mr. Szomolányi Attila Head Linum Foundation

Magyar Külügyi Intézet

Nemes Nagy Ágnes Humán Szakközépiskola

Tempus Közalapítvány

  • Ms. Velényi Réka co-ordinator - She is currently working at the Tempus Public Foundation coordinating the European Union Europe for citizen’s programme in Hungary.


Pracownia Etnograficzna - Etnographic Workshop

Fundacja Twój Ruch - Your Move Foundation

  • „Do hard things!”
  • Ms. Eunika Chojecka A master's student at the Department of Theory and Methods in Political Science at the Faculty of Political Science at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.
  • „I just simply want to change the world, especially the world of the youth.”
  • Mr. Piotr Gazda
  • Mr. Tymoteusz Chojecki Founder of the NGO He has noticed a huge need among youngsters to do something great and incredible. His aim is to help them to achieve their aims!


Fundaţia Amőba - Amőba Foundation

  • Member of the Global Teenager Project
  • Mr. Barna Bereczki Head Ms. Imola Csóka Mária ECL program coordinator


Občianske združenie Fundament - Fundament NGO


ADVANCE Transcarpathian Advocacy and Development Centre

  • „We want to help those in need.”
  • Mr. Janos Gerevich Director Ms. Maria Fischer Head of Educational Programs